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Raghavi Janaswamy

Academic Milestones

  • PhD (Padmavathi University, INDIA) 

  • Master in Music (Padmavathi University, INDIA)

  • Masters In Technology (Purdue University, USA)

  • Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering (INDIA)

  • Graduate Degree in BioInformatics (University of Wisconsin, USA) 




  • Founder/Art Director - Raga-Vahini Music Academy, Minneapolis, USA​

  • Affiliated Carnatic Music Guru - SAMPADA, Silicon Andhra, USA

  • Sr. Principal Software Engineer - Leading Healthcare organization, USA


Raghavi Janaswamy is a passionate Carnatic vocalist and Veena player, and currently pursuing her Ph.D in music. She began her training in Veena instrument from Veena Vidwan Sri Krishna Murthy Iyer, and later toned the skills from Sri Duddu Seetharamaiah,  Veena Maestro, Maha Vidwan, Acharya Sri Pudukkotai Krishnamurthy and Professor Saraswathi K. Vasudev. She also got trained in Carnatic vocal by Dr. Jaishree Prasad and  "Sangeetha Sevamani" Dr. Ramaprabha Yerramilli. 


Raghavi has performed the Veena showcases for few SAPNA international Veena conferences in the able guidance of Dr.Jaishree prasad in Illinois, and was an active performer of Thyagaraja aradhana events in ICMAP, West Lafayette, Indiana for few years and performer in the celebrations of cultural events.


Raghavi is Principal Software Engineer by profession,  Masters in Technology from Purdue University, and also earned Masters in Music from Sri Padmavathi University, India. She well balances the time to practice and propagate the Carnatic music vocal and veena,  collaborate with peers and to continue to seek guidance from her gurus and other stalwarts for continuous learning.


Professor. Saraswathi K. Vasudev

Maha Vidwan, AcharyaSri Pudukkotai Krishna Murthy

I am blessed to gain this divine knowledge through the expert guidance and blessings of Veena Vidwan Sri Krishna murthy Iyer, Sri Duddu Seetha Ramaiah, Maha vidwan Acharya Sri Pudukkotai Krishna murthy for my Veena Instrumental and Dr. Jaishree Prasad, Prof (retd) Saraswathi Vasudev and Dr. Yerramillli Ramaprabha for my vocal training. My humble salutations to them for their kindness and relentless training in honing my innate skills and gaining expertise on Veena instrumental and Vocal intricacies.


I am fortunate for the continued support and advice from Dr. Yerramilli Ramaprabha. My erudition greatly relies on her repertoire, extensive and at times astonishing, on the compositions of Dikshitar, Thyagaraja, Annamayya, Tumu Narasimha Das, Traditional songs, Bhajans, Thillanas and Padams along with a host of presentations on musical education. I am very proud and honored for being one of her disciples in furthering skills toward mastering.

"Endaro Mahanu Bhaavulu, andarikee vandanamulu" - My salutations for all great people


Dr. Ramaprabha Yerramilli


Professor. Saraswathi K. Vasudev


Maha Vidwan, Acharya Sri Pudukkotai Krishna Murthy

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